9 Wedding Photography Essentials you Need to Keep in Mind as a Couple


When you say wedding, we say photography. Wedding and photography are a pair in itself because of the importance given to the occasion that should be captured from every angle. A wedding is an overwhelming event that has emotions flowing from all sides and that makes it essential for photographers to capture it perfectly.

However, as a couple that is eventually responsible for getting these pictures clicked, there are a few wedding photography essentials that should be kept in mind while getting clicked.

1. The Photographer

Wedding Photography

Narrow down on a photographer whose style you enjoy. Do this well in advance so that you are not disappointed later. Communicate with him as to what are your expectation is so that he can deliver. These are memories for keeps and the photographer is most instrumental.

2. Keep Extra Time

Wedding Photography

Getting the right shots is not something that just happens. You will have to be patient and work towards achieving good photos. Be prepared for takes and retakes. So keep ample time for doing this.

3. Choose The Right Time

Wedding Photography

If you are looking for a particular setting e.g. the Sunset then some of the activities will have to be reshuffled. Plan accordingly. You don’t want to rush through anything.

4. Ceremonies Are Important

Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is not only about the couple posing right for a pretty album. It’s also about a lot of candid pictures to capture the essence of your wedding. Among all this don’t forget to cover all the ceremonies and the traditions that follow.

5. Assign Time for Relatives

Wedding Photography

A wedding is not complete without our friends and relatives by our side to celebrate with us. So how can the wedding shoot happen without them? Have a special hour or slot assigned for your guest. This will ensure complete participation and happy guests.

6. Backdrops

Wedding Photography

If your wedding is during a season when you can’t have it outdoors then make some pretty funky backdrops for the wedding shoot. Good backdrops can help achieve some fine pictures.

7. Extra Shots

Wedding Photography

Request your photographer to use all the different techniques. Also, ask him/her to take plenty of extra shots which later can be played around with different filters. A must-have is the bokeh filter as it creates a very elegant effect. Also, request for the wide-angle shots to cover the whole mandap.

8. Extra Clothes

Wedding Photography

If you are having a pre-wedding shoot and are being adventurous about it, then keep your back up strong. This includes clothes footwear and makeup too. Avoid being too spirited as it may lead to injuries and your big day is approaching too soon.

9. Be unconventional

Wedding Photography

While you already have a photographer on the board let that not stop you from taking your own pictures. Your pictures will tell the same story but in a very different way. The way you saw your entire wedding. And these pictures will be more close to your heart.

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